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Diving into Manta Token: An Innovative Idea


What is Manta Token?

Manta Token is a versatile ecosystem for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications, offering two networks: Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic. Manta Pacific provides a cost-effective and scalable environment on Ethereum for ZK applications using Solidity. On the other hand, Manta Atlantic is the fastest ZK L1 chain on Polkadot, introducing programmable identities and credentials to web3 through zkSBTs.

Designed by a team with experience from top institutions like Harvard and MIT, Manta Network has garnered support from leading web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital. It stands out in the web3 space by applying zero-knowledge cryptography to enhance the development and adoption of the next generation of web3 applications. Manta Network is set to shape the future of web3 with its innovative approach and support from key players in the industry.

Exploring the Necessity of Layer 2 Solution Of Manta Token

Today, there isn’t a dedicated space for ZK applications native to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). We strongly believe that ZK applications represent the next wave of decentralized apps, prioritizing user safety within the familiar dApp landscape. Therefore, establishing an optimal environment for the existence of ZK applications is pivotal for the continuous evolution of web3.

Existing solutions fall short in adequately supporting the deployment and user growth of ZK applications in a scalable manner. General VMs, EVM blockchains, and zkEVM lack the necessary tools for the seamless development and deployment of ZK applications. Even if one manages to deploy such an application, users are burdened with high gas costs and sluggish performance. ZK networks that offer VM environments force developers to adopt new languages, restricting applications to specific ecosystems with a limited user base.

Key Features of Manta Pacific:

Programmable ZK on EVM-Native L2:

Manta Pacific introduces programmable Zero-Knowledge (ZK) functionality as an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-native Layer 2 solution, enhancing the capabilities of decentralized applications.

Universal Circuits for Easy Development:

Utilizing Manta’s Universal Circuits, ZK application development becomes seamless using only Solidity. This feature simplifies the development process and promotes accessibility for a broader range of developers.

Enhanced Scalability with Celestia:

Manta Token Pacific leverages Celestia for robust data availability, contributing to enhanced scalability. This ensures that ZK applications on Manta Pacific can handle increased demands and maintain optimal performance.

Low Transaction Fees with zkEVM:

The integration of zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) in Manta Pacific ensures not only scalability but also low transaction fees. This makes transactions within ZK applications cost-effective, fostering a more user-friendly and economically viable environment.

Manta Token Pacific effortlessly integrates the extensive groundwork laid by the Manta team in Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology. It seamlessly applies this expertise into an easily scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment, purposefully crafted for the smooth deployment of ZK applications. This is made possible through the collaborative support of Celestia and the innovative zkEVM technology. The goal is to provide a user-friendly and highly scalable platform where developers can deploy their ZK applications with efficiency and effectiveness, leveraging the advancements and capabilities established by the Manta team.

Unveiling Manta Atlantic – Your Guide to Layer 1 Brilliance

Manta Atlantic stands out as the swiftest and most decentralized Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Layer1, offering support for modular on-chain compliance identities. Its array of core products, from zkNFTs to staking and ecosystem projects, provides users with easy access to robust ZK-enabled applications.

Unlike other ZK identity layers that focus on building smart contract languages, Manta Atlantic prioritizes the ZK compliance credential layer. This emphasis aims for real adoption and interoperability, simplifying the process for other projects to have compatible identities without delving into intricate cryptography.

Developed over two years, Manta’s ZK circuit and infrastructure boast a unique zkAddress system. This system, featuring both public account-based and UTXO-based private addresses, ensures auditable privacy. The zkAddress covers various functions, including SBT minting, on-chain credentials, and off-chain identities, setting it apart as the first reusable, independent, and auditable private address system. Additionally, it supports multiple NFTs with a seed phase, ensuring synchronization across different devices. With Prove Key, users can selectively share zkAddress credentials without compromising ZK identity integrity.

Explore the versatility of Manta Network, a cutting-edge modular ecosystem tailored for scalable and advanced decentralized applications (dApps).

Manta Network proudly presents two distinctive networks:

Manta Pacific – L2 Excellence on Ethereum:

Manta Pacific stands out as a modular Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem within Ethereum, designed specifically for next-gen dApps.

This platform provides a scalable, cost-effective environment, liberating applications from the constraints of traditional Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) setups.

With Manta Pacific, dApps can flourish in an environment offering both scalability and budget-friendly gas fees.

manta token
manta token

Manta Atlantic – Fastest ZK L1 Chain on Polkadot:

Recognized as the swiftest Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Layer 1 (L1) chain on Polkadot, Manta Atlantic introduces programmable ZK-powered confidential on-chain identities and credentials.

Through zkSBTs, Manta Atlantic brings cutting-edge privacy features to web3, elevating the standards for confidentiality and security.

This network empowers dApp developers with innovative tools to create secure and programmable applications.

Manta Network, with its modular ethos, redefines the dApp landscape, catering to the evolving needs of the market both today and in the foreseeable future.

Overview of $MANTA

• The total supply of $MANTA at Genesis: 1,000,000,000.
• 2% yearly minting rate starting from Token Genesis.
• Governance: $MANTA token holders can vote on network governance decisions on Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic.
• Staking: Staking $MANTA contributes to the overall security of Manta Atlantic.
• Collator Delegation: $MANTA holders have the option to delegate their holdings with collators or stake $MANTA to run their collators to secure the network.
• Network Fees: Manta Atlantic uses $MANTA to pay transaction fees.
• Native Liquidity & Collateral: $MANTA token can be used in Manta ecosystem to serve as native liquidity and collateral.

$MANTA Token Allocation:

$MANTA will initially have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $MANTA distributed among the categories outlined in the chart below.

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